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A hacker’s dream is to possess a powerful botnet/virus. 

But no, you are not the hacker. In fact, you are the virus! Now, embark on your mission to hijack or destroy other PCs while staying undetected or chased by that filthy antivirus software.

Adder Infiltration is a 3D Stealth and Combat game whose main protagonist is a virus.


Stay undetected and finish all objectives, then escape via the comms tower. If the antivirus catches you, you must rush to complete all the objectives within the time limit while fighting against hordes of antiviruses before escaping. 


W A S D/Arrow KeysMove
EInteract with objects
Right-Click or QUse equipped ability
Scroll-WheelCycle through abilities
Mouse MovementLook
TabHide/See the objective list
EscapeOpen pause menu

Developer Team

Black Hatters
Max GottardiMinigames
Miguel de Farias
Music Composer + Sound effect
Oscar Browne
Music Composer + Sound effect
Quang Nhat LeEnemies  (Design, 3D Modelling/Animation) + Tutorial + Campaign Levels
Ryan LyHub Designer + Icon Artist + Abilities + UI Designer
Hub Background Artist
Yu ChengWorld PCG + World 3D Modelling/Animation


Adder Infiltration Sprint 5.zip 292 MB
Adder Infiltration Post Sprint 5.zip 292 MB

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